What is The Standard Plan?

Using the Standard Plan on Zeacon Live Studio
Written by David
Updated 5 months ago

The Standard Plan is the first tier of premium plans on the Zeacon Live Studio. With it, the streamer gets the benefits outlined below:

Everything in the Free Plan plus:

  • Zeacon Branding Removal
  • 3 Multistream Destinations
  • Unlimited Minutes Per Stream
  • Unlimited Stream Hours Per Month
  • 10 On-Screen Participants
  • Image Overlay
  • Pre-Recorded Video Feed​
  • Up to 10 Layouts
  • Unlimited Donations (5% fee)
  • Video Recordings
  • Email and Chat Support

If you'd like to learn more about the other plans on the Zeacon Live Studio, please read our article here: What Plan Should I Use?

If you'd like to upgrade your plan, you can read our article on how to do so here: How to Upgrading Your Plan

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