What Happens When I Raise My Hand?

Raising Your Hand on Zeacon Live Studio
Written by David
Updated 5 months ago

Once you have raised your hand, you have successfully joined the queue and there will be a menu underneath the chat box which will show you your video feed, the selected camera, and the selected microphone. If you’d like to change either the selected camera or the selected microphone, then please do so there.

If you are satisfied with your video feed and your selected microphone is correct, please click on the “JOIN QUEUE” button at the bottom of the screen. 

Once the broadcaster is ready, they can bring you right on to the stream using Zeacon’s live drag-and-drop feature.

If you’d like to leave the queue at any time during the live stream, please click on the red “X” button to the right of the arrow icon.

The host can also disable your video, your microphone, or even remove you from the queue entirely while you are in the queue.

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