Best Practices for Viewing a Zeacon Livestream

Follow these practices for the best viewing experience
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  • Zeacon can be viewed on any browser.  We recommend that whatever browser you use (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc.) that you have the most recent version installed.


Apple iPhone/iPad 

  • For the best viewer experience, we recommend using Apple iOS 14 or above.


  • For the best viewer experience, we recommend using Android version 11 or above.

 If you are joining the live stream:

- We recommend a minimum 4Mbps upload speed and 5Mbps download speed, with a download speed of 25Mbps+ for viewing 4k/Ultra HD videos. 

- You can test your upload and download speeds at

- We recommend wearing earbuds or headphones to prevent audio echoes.   

- We recommend having no other internet tabs open to prevent audio loops and improve computer performance.

When you join a Zeacon livestream, the audio is muted.  At the bottom of the video player is a navigation bar that includes a mute/unmute option. Click on the speaker icon to unmute the audio of the livestream.


-If you lose audio or video, please refresh your browser.

-If you are experiencing lag with the live stream you are viewing, we recommend that you hardwire to your router via an ethernet cable.  This will provide a more consistent internet connection. 

How to interact with features during the livestream for viewers: 

Join the live stream

- Select the red "Raise your Hand" icon. 

- You will be prompted to select your video, and audio sources.  

- Video: Laptop camera 

- Microphone: Laptop microphone, Airpods or headphones w/ included mic, etc. 

- Once you select your video and audio sources, select join queue.

- You are now in the queue, waiting to join the stream as an on-screen participant.

- When the producer places you on the screen and you see your video feed on the livestream, you are officially live and can participate in the conversation!



- When you see the donation button, you can click on the image on the video player screen. 

- Once you click on the donation button, a pop-up window will appear. Enter your name and credit card information on the screen to make your donation!



- Click on the image on the screen...this could be a button, an object on screen, or even what the host is wearing!

- If you hover your cursor over the hypergraphic, the image will change.  When you see the hypergraphic image change, this means that your cursor is on the image. Click on it to interact with the hypergraphic.

- Once clicked, a new browser tab will open to a page connected to the graphic (product, service, subscription, etc.) 




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