How to Stream to Facebook

Learn How to Multistream to Facebook with Zeacon Live Studio
Written by David
Updated 5 months ago

To multistream to Facebook, please go to your Facebook page and click on "Live" under create post.

facebook user interface
Next, click on "Create live video"

Facebook Live User Interface
Next, under "Select a video source" section, please select "Streaming Software"

Facebook Live User Interface
Now, you will find your stream key. To access your RTMP URL, please click on the "Advanced Settings" drop down menu. Please make sure that "Persistent Stream Key" is turned on and copy the stream key along with Server URL into your multistreaming source

The final step in the facebook live user interface
Now, you will be able to multistream to Facebook.

Make sure to click "Go Live" on Facebook after you have verified that the multistreaming is working.

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