How to Use Drag-and-Drop

Using Drag-and-Drop on Zeacon Live Studio
Written by David
Updated 5 months ago

The drag-and-drop feature on the Zeacon Live Studio platform is used to bring your viewers directly onto to the screen and have a face-to-face interaction with them if they have raised their hand.

To learn how raising your hand works on the Zeacon Live Studio platform, please click on the link here.

To drag someone into the live stream, please make sure that you are in the studio view of the live stream. From there, go to the “Queue” tab on the right-hand side of the screen and please make sure that someone has raised their hand in the chat. You should see a preview of their video feed. Confirm that their video feed is suitable for the live stream.

Click and drag their video feed into either one of the preset spots available and now, you have successfully drag-and-dropped a viewer right into the live stream!

If you’d like to remove someone from the queue, please click on the red “REMOVE” button underneath their video feed in order to remove them from the queue.

Once you and the viewer are finished talking, please go back to the queue tab and click on the red "X" button in their box in order to remove their video feed and audio feed from the stream.

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