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How To Live Stream From Your Computer?

Step-by-Step Guide: Live Streaming Video on Zeacon

Live streaming has become an essential part of many businesses, organizations, and individuals. It allows you to share your content with a broad audience in real-time. If you're looking to live stream from your computer on our video platform, follow these steps:

  1. Use Chrome Browser: We recommend using a Chrome browser to ensure the best experience while live streaming. Chrome provides the necessary features and capabilities required for live streaming.

  2. Navigate to the Studio Page: Once you're logged in, navigate to the Studio Page, where you can access all the tools required for live streaming.

  3. Launch a Scheduled Live Video: If you've already scheduled a live video, select the "launch" button to get started. If not, you can follow our How to Create a Live Video article to schedule a new one.

  4. Choose a Layout: Select a layout for your live video. You can choose from various layout options that will adapt to the numbered layout positions during your stream. You can change the layout at any time during your live stream.

  5. Add a Camera Source: Drag and drop your camera source to a layout position on the canvas from the camera tab. Audio, video, and image sources will appear below the different layout options as they are added to your video canvas.

  6. Add a Microphone: Don't forget to add a microphone so your viewers can hear you. From the microphone tab, drag and drop a microphone tile anywhere into the canvas.

  7. Multistream: You can multistream to multiple different platforms simultaneously right from our live video studio. Follow our "How to Multistream" article to configure your unique RTMP destinations for your next live stream.

  8. Add Interactive Overlays: Live videos are interactive, which means you can add interactive overlays in real-time. From the hypergraphics tab, drag and drop your interactive overlay anywhere onto the canvas so they can be clicked on by your viewers. You can remove interactive overlays by grabbing the hypergraphic on the canvas, causing a trash area to appear. Drag and drop to the trash area to remove them from your video canvas. Please note that interactive overlays are only visible to your viewers on our platform and do not appear on other multistream destinations.

  9. Share Your Live Stream Video: Once your live stream is set up, make sure you share it with your audience. Follow our "How to Share Your Video" article to learn how to share your live stream with your audience.

  10. Start Your Live Stream: Click the "Go Live" button at the top right of the studio. You'll see a message appear to start a record of your stream as well. Interactive overlays are also saved to your live stream recordings when shared or posted using our platform.

  11. Adjust Your Content: Once you're live, you can always readjust the content on your canvas to precisely what you need.

  12. Add On-Screen Guests: Learn how to add on-screen guests from our "How to Add On-Screen Guests to Your Live Stream Video" article.

  13. End Your Live Stream: When you're ready to end your live stream, click the "Live" button at the top right of the studio.

  14. Repost Your Recording: After you end your live stream, you'll be prompted to repost a recording from your live stream. This will let your live stream live on as a recording in all the places where your live stream existed. It's okay if you decide not to repost right away. You can always find and publish the recordings from the unpublished tab on the studio dashboard page.

Live streaming can be an effective way to connect with your audience in real-time. Our video platform provides a seamless and intuitive experience to help you create and share live stream videos with ease. Follow these simple steps to start your next live stream on Zeacon!