Release Notes Version 2.14.0 (May 2023)

Discover the Latest Features, Fixes and Improvements with Minor Release Version 2.14.0

New Features:

  • We have introduced a new zeacon web app domain to provide users with a better experience.
  • Users can now access community-specific subdomains to easily find the content they need.
  • We have added a #community chat channel for each community, making it easier for members to communicate with one another.
  • Users can now send images in chat channels, which enhances the chat experience and allows for more dynamic conversations.


  • We have updated CRUD operations for profiles to include only the relevant fields, streamlining the process for users.
  • We have made changes to the community post page tabs design, improving navigation and user experience.
  • We have made UI changes to the Login, Sign up, Reset password, Set new password, and profile pages, making them more intuitive and user-friendly.
  • We have updated the create video modal UI and the new user welcome modal UI to provide a better user experience.

Fixed Issues:

  • We have resolved the issue of chat avatar/icons displaying as broken images on the studio side.
  • The Join Community button is no longer displayed on the Community Not Found page.
  • We have resolved UI issues related to the My Communities section in the side navigation bar and login/signup pages.
  • Text and fields are now center-aligned on mobile devices.
  • Users will no longer see the "Community Not Found" error when navigating to any community.
  • The community icon is now displayed properly on portrait mode on mobile devices.
  • We have fixed UI issues related to the Web & Mobile Login and Signup Screens UI on Mac Safari 16.3.
  • The Community application side navigation issue has been resolved, and it will no longer redirect to a 404 error page.
  • The Join Community button is no longer displayed after a user has joined a community.
  • Images are now uploaded correctly in the community chat, and we have resolved UI issues related to the chat channels.
  • Users can now type text in the text-box field while sending an image in the chat.
  • We have fixed community logo and icon placement issues.
  • Scroll bar issues on React app and Community application have been resolved.
  • Logging out from the Community Home Page will now result in the user logging out of the application, and not a Community Not Found error.
  • The issue of the screen going blank and page becoming unresponsive on refreshing the launched Studio page has been resolved.
  • User avatars no longer appear stretched on the Community Chat.