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What is Zeacon?

Get to know what we are all about

Welcome to Zeacon! The innovative video platform, where watching videos becomes a fully interactive experience. On Zeacon, you can watch videos while simultaneously engaging with other viewers, brands and creators in real-time. Unlike other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Discord, we offer more than just a space for video sharing. Our platform provides valuable data for both brands and creators to grow their communities, giving them insights into audience behavior and engagement.

One of the most exciting features of Zeacon is the ability to upload videos, produce live streams, and start or join communities all in one place. No need to switch between different platforms or apps - everything you need is right here! You can easily find communities that align with your interests and passions, share your videos with a targeted audience, and chat with like-minded individuals.

Did I also mention that Zeacon will NEVER interrupt your viewing experience with pre-roll video ads. We believe that watching videos should be an immersive experience, which is why we offer a seamless viewing experience that lets you focus on what really matters - the content.

Our platform also offers interactive videos that allow viewers to engage with your content in new and exciting ways. This feature is not only great for engaging viewers but also allows content creators to make money from their interactive videos. You can easily monetize your content and showcase your partnerships with interactive overlays directly in your videos.

Accessing Zeacon is easy and convenient - all you need is a browser and an internet connection! You can log in from any device and start uploading, sharing, and engaging with other users. We provide all the tools you need to create and share high-quality videos, manage your communities, and grow your audience.

Join for free and start creating, sharing, and engaging with a vibrant community of like-minded individuals!